Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Utter weariness.

We had a loooong day. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but thats how it ended up.

It started simply enough. Head down to Spartan Gym to play in their open gym. Its in Shoreline, but even with traffic I can make it in 20 min. After we get down there (and all the mayhem that is involved with early morning departures), we find out that its CLOSED for the summer. Poop.

Two disappointed toddlers wanted to know what Mommy was going to do, so off to the mall we went to play in their indoor playground. It was crowded and the Mommies seemed somewhat hostile (don't think I saw a single smile). Perhaps we were all having a rough morning.

After we were done playing, I wanted to pop into the Mariners store to get Jason and the kids some new caps. Not wise. When will I learn? The place is packed full of overpriced knickknacks and toys, just begging to be played with. I walked out with 4 caps (all really really cute, including a stylish brown/pink one for me) and TWO fingers. You know, you hold them up and they say, "We're #1" and stuff. Why fingers and why two you might ask? Well, because my kids chewed on them in full sight of an employee. What else could I do?

After bribing the kids into the car with the promise of a McD's lunch (gag), we headed to Mountlake Terrace to pick up a sewing table I got off craigslist for $10. Its worn, but for $10. you really can't lose. With a good cleaning it will be ready to install in my sewing room. All I need now is a large table for cutting.

We got lost after leaving the lady's house and wandered through Lake Forest Park and eventually ended up on Lake City Way. Took the very very very long way home and detoured by the Bothell house, the one I grew up in. Wow. It looks bad :( For one, its once pastoral setting is ruined... there is tract housing surrounding it. Secondly, the people have all sorts of broke-ass cars in the yard and its unmowed and trimmed. Breaks my heart a little bit.

Finally we get home at around 12:30 and the kids have been sleeping for about 30 min. This is bad because it means they might not take a nap later. I keep them up till 2 (they are whining the ENTIRE time) then put them down, but they don't actually fall asleep till 3.

At this point, I'm pretty worn out but I can't let myself skip a day of chores so I sweep and spot mop the floors. Jason vacuumed when he got home, bless him.

Luckily, dinner was mostly prepared yesterday. I cooked chicken broth all day ... over 8 hrs. I was left with this dark, fragrant, chicken stock. One taste and you feel rather restored down to your bones. I made some matzo balls to go in it and threw in some carrot batons, thyme, and shredded chicken. It was a light, refreshing, yet satisfying meal. And there is enough left over to feed an army.

Chicken soup for the soul indeed!

Tomorrow morning I should have some videos to put up of the kids. Cute footage.

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