Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The good news is that I did not have strep and my sore throat is pretty much gone. Whew!

The bad-ish news is that the dogs have been very sick after eating a whole batch of homemade play dough and I've done nothing but clean up mess after mess. Again, I thank the Lord that we have wood floors. The damage would have been substantial on carpet.

The kids and I took a walk today... about 1 mile round trip. On the way back we stopped at the little play area by our house. Its not really very good, and a little too old for Ethan, but he tries really hard and is getting better. He can almost climb up this big net to get to the slide. Gwen is WAY too small for any of it, so she amuses herself by waiting at the bottom of the slide, waiting for Ethan to come down, then running away giggling hysterically when he lands at the bottom.

We picked up a new XBox game over the weekend, Lego Star Wars II. At first I thought it was going to be really corny and not at all good, but boy, was I wrong. Not only is it totally funny and cute, but the gameplay is good, and downright challenging at times. I, um, am ashamed to say that I somehow lost 3 hours today while playing. The kids went down for nap, Jason came home, and next thing I know, the kids are getting up. Yikes!

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Kate Thaete said...

oh!! matt has that game!! i think it's totally clever (but i'm just not coordinated to play anything newer than super-nintendo... too many buttons!!) ;)