Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The last couple days have been rough.... The kids and I have been fighting off illness I think.

Monday and last night the kids did not sleep well at night. One of them is crying about every 2 hours or so. Monday night Gwen fought for 30 min to go down, something that is very uncommon. She then woke up repeatedly through the night and into the early morning. Last night Ethan came down with a high fever and woke a couple times through the night. Luckily this morning he woke up fever free and in much better spirits. Can't say the same for me though :-/

Two nights with limited sleep makes me a very cranky Mommy.

Oh, last night, our dogs tried to kill us too. I was up with Gwen at about midnight and as I was walking to the kids room I heard this clicking. It was one of the burners on the stove trying to light. My guess is that one of the dogs jumped up to lick the stove or something and must have turned on the burner. So, the house was filled with that nasty gas smell. I have no idea how long the burner was on. Oddly, the smell was not bad in the kids room or even the living room, but very very strong in our bedroom (which is directly above the kitchen). It was actually burning my throat. Ugh. So, I sat up with all the windows opened until it was aired out, then went back to bed.

Today my Mom, Jenni, and cousin Ben are coming over and we're all going to head down to the Everett Childrens Museum. I'm hoping that the weather holds and their rooftop playground is open. Its SO incredibly awesome and something that the kids can really enjoy (the rest of the museum they really like, but its a smidge old for them). As long as its not raining, I think it will be open. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So Jason watched this docu-drama called "Path to 9-11". I just couldn't watch it. I couldn't watch ANY 9-11 coverage. Even 5 years after, its so painful for me to read or watch anything abut it. Well, he was watching the last part of this movie last night and I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner and so I have to hear and see the planes hitting the buildings and all that and I'm like just crying right into our dinner while its on the stove. Seriously. I was not too happy with him that I had to see the one part that I most wanted to avoid! After being avidly curious about 9-11 right after it happened, I just can't bear to watch anything about it now. And it didn't help ease my mind about flying cross country in a few weeks either :(

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