Monday, September 25, 2006

We had a dramatic failure for dinner. I got this cookbook from the library with recipes from La Mancha which is in Spain. Many looked good, so I chose a stuffed eggplant one for dinner.

Well the eggplants were very firm and not particularly tasty. And at the last minute I decided to make a raw carrot and onion salad which no one liked either. So basically we ate the filling out of the eggplants and I ate all the carrot salad. Everyone else had canned peaches. Oh well, it happens.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Ethans potty training has been coming along VERY well. The day we decided to go back to diapers is when he really improved. We have very few accidents now and half the time he doesn't even want the reward. Hopefully this will continue!

Tomorrow we're hoping to meet a lady and her kids at a park. I met them through a Mom site. Her kids are almost exactly the same age as Ethan and Gwen... it would be perfect! She just moved to Lake Stevens and lives on the Machias Cutoff.

All for now, off to bed.

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