Monday, September 25, 2006

I just haven't felt like blogging. There have been plenty of things to blog about, but the desire just hasn't been there.

Over the weekend Mom, Dad, Shelly, Mike, Becki and Jenni came over and had dinner here. I hadn't seen Michael in forever, or Shelly or Becki. It was really good to hang out and catch up.

Gwen is saying all sorts of new words. This weekend she started saying "more" after Daddy gave her some of his espresso in her cup and she was not pleased with the small amount! She also says, "all done", "Tilli", "up", "bottle", "binky" and tons of other words. She is much farther along verbally than Ethan was at this age.

Now Ethan, well, where to start. This little guy is talking up a storm about everything. He can sing lots of songs, sing the alphabet, identify 3-4 colors and hold a very decent c0nversation. He has some problem with the "sp" sound, but he's coming along.

Both the kids are sick right now with bad colds. I'm bummed because we joined a playgroup and finally we were able to make it this week, but I can't take the kids when they are this sick. While they aren't very sluggish or anything, they have very drippy noses and are heavily congested. Can't make them play outside when they are like that.

This month has just flown by... In under 2 weeks I'm going to Boston, yay! I went and got an enormous stack of books and am holding myself back on two of them so I can take them on the trip with me. My facination with Henry VIII and Elizabeth I has returned and I have big thick biographies to get through.

The change in weather is very pretty here. The NGPA behind the house is changing colors... our yard is filled with those heliocopter things (which Ethan loves to throw and the dogs love to chase), the days are cool, which you know I love, and I'm reminded of why I adore fall so much. My favorite season without fail.

Well, the kids are causing all sorts of havoc, so I will sign off.

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