Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ethan had his pre-school Christmas program today and it was so sweet.

Mom and Jenni joined us and when we were all assembled outside the classroom, per teachers instruction, each kid came out and invited their family to "the party" and asked us to follow them. We followed Ethan into the room and he led us to some seats. After we were seated, he eagerly ran and brought us all cookies that they had made on Tuesday.

After we all had cookies, he ran to bring us juice

After eating and drinking for a bit, the kids were called up front. Ethan did his typical, "I don't wanna!" act, but Miss Paula was able to talk him out of it.

They recited John 3:16, along with foot stomps and hand claps.

Then they did a song about snowmen that was kinda like "I'm a little teapot"

One guess on what song this was!

Jingle bells was sung with extreme vigor.

After the singing was over, the kids presented their parents with a gift. It was a picture set onto some highly fragrant cinnamon dough. Doesn't he look grown up?

Then they were given a present from their teachers... some candy and a book.

Gwen was very jealous, but was soothed somewhat by Ethan's generosity in sharing his loot.

Hopefully we'll have the video up shortly of the actual program!

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April said...

OH my! Ethan looks so grown up! So cute! :)