Sunday, December 23, 2007

Whew, grocery shopping is exhausting. Ok, maybe just grocery shopping two days before Christmas is exhausting.

I stopped at Safeway to pick up the rib roast for Christmas dinner. They had hardly any out and the ones they did have were far too small for what I needed. There was a group of maybe 5-7 people milling about the roast area picking over what they had and waiting for more to come out. As I was walking towards the butcher to ask if I could get a larger peice, the door swings open and out comes a guy pushing a rack stacked with rib roasts. I stop, conveniently, right in front of him so he can't move and ask, "Can I please grab one right off your rack? Those people over there are vultures and I need a big roast!". He told me I could, then said that they couldn't put these roasts out fast enough... Rather pleased with myself for grabbing the biggest one before anyone else, I sauntered over to the veggies. I returned past the beef area a few minutes later to find all the roasts gone again. That guy was not kidding!

After getting out of the store (and it was more crowded than I've ever seen any grocery store), I couldn't find the car. It was a little embarrassing. I had parked on the espresso side of the store, but when I came out I thought I'd parked on the produce side. So I splosh through the puddles and drenching rain to the other end of the parking lot... and of course don't find my car. I think, "Shoot, I'm such a fool, I must have parked on the other side" so I splash back to the espresso side, but still can't find the car. Now starting to worry that if I call Jason I'll be admitted to a hospital for mental issues and that people might be wondering why a pregnant lady is absently wandering the parking lot in the middle of a rainstorm, I panic. Out loud I say to myself, "Why can I NOT find the Explorer?". Well, saying it out loud must have given my brain a little jump start and I realized that I'd been looking for a car I don't own. I don't drive an Explorer, and haven't since September. Maybe I do need to be admitted for mental instability.

Don't worry, I did find the car (amazing how simple it is when you look for a car you drove in) and get home without further issue.

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