Sunday, December 23, 2007

The first night in the new beds went well. We put the kids down very early as they'd had no nap (we eventually got them up) and they slept till almost 7am. Now if it only goes smoothly from here on out.

Yesterday I also pulled out a gallon of paint I had considered using for the kitchen in our old house but decided against because it seemed too pinkish. I painted a few spots with it in the nursery/Gwen's room wall and it was a pleasing lavender (maybe a hair darker) so I think I will paint her room next week sometime. I also want to get Ethan's room painted (he's requested blue), but all the sewing stuff will have to come out first (Mom is gonna help me, bless her) and I may not have the energy. We'll see. As my long time readers know, no pregnancy is complete without me painting or taking on some other home improvement project. With Ethan, I laid our wood flooring when I was 6 months pregnant (hard on the knees and back. Yikes) and painted Ethan's room. With Gwen, I painted the bathroom, and more difficult, our bedroom. I chose orange, but it was too orange so I washed it with white paint. It looked like a peeled orange on the walls because of the gosh darn texture. It was actually a very cheery room but so much work.

Anyway, there is no reason that this pregnancy should be any different! I suppose this is my form of nesting :)

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