Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sooooooo tired.

Mom and Jenni came by today and helped us. Jenni watched the kids, Jason (and I in parts) painted the rest of Gwen's room, while Mom and I tackled the sewing room. If anyone needs organizational help, hire my mother. She's fast and good and not sentimental. I didn't think we'd finish the room today, but we not only finished it, but took down all the furniture, moved in the stuff that needed to go in the closet, vacuumed, taped, and painted. Its about 1/3 done. Gwen's room is entirely done. Now I just have to finish painting Ethan's room, wait for their light blocking curtains to arrive, install, and then this move will be done!

Every muscle in my body aches and creaks at present. Bed is sounding mighty nice... but still an hour to go.

Thanks Mom and Jen, this would have taken us 100x longer without you!

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Amber said...

that is alot to do while your pregnant. You better slow down alittle and take care. Congrats on almost bing done though. :)