Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good heavens.

Do you have any idea how complicated it is to unpack and assemble two beds? It took two adults nearly 3 hours and the mess we left... Shoot. Its gonna take days to get all the little pieces of styrofoam Ethan and Gwen broke off. It was not technically complicated, but many pieces and screwing in things. We are quite pleased with the (unbunked) beds. They seem sturdy and well made. The kids look tiny in them though. A twin is much larger than a crib!

We just laid them down about 15 minutes ago and they are still bouncing off the walls up there. The whole process of un-assembling their cribs (well, we left one up for the new baby), then the delivery of the beds and assembly has got them all worked up. I think nap might be a pipe dream. At least they are getting comfortable with the idea of the bigger beds and such now instead of at bedtime when Mommy and Daddy will be really tired.

After running out to Target to get some sheets and blankets for their beds, Gwen and I stopped by McDonalds to get lunch. It was there I looked in the mirror and noticed how instead of my eyes looking puffy, it looked like I had a black eye. Greaaaaat. Abused woman... not quite the look I'm going for.

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Becki said...

You and those black eyes....we really need to talk with Jason ;-) lol