Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system...

Ethan (and Gwen is showing signs of weakening) is sick AGAIN. He's had a cough for about a week, but the last couple days its been more and more often and started waking him (and therefore us) at night. In the wee hours of Monday morning, we realized that he had a fever. He skipped school on Tuesday, slept on my lap during Gwen's gymnastics (never does that) and basically barely roused himself the entire day. You'd think that he'd nap real good since he was so tired. No. Then you might think, surely he'll sleep good at night because he's so tired and had a bad nap. No, wrong again.

Last night I was up 5(?) times between 10 and 12 with either him or Gwen (who has a very runny nose now and kept being bothered by it). Then I was up at least 3 times, and I think J was up a few times, after that. Jason left for work at 5:45 and both kids woke up and started crying. Attempts to re-settle them in my bed didn't work, so we got up.

I woke up with a bad headache and blood pressure issues (I could feel it... temples throbbing, the shortness of breath, heart beating excessively hard, etc) and feel crummy. Ethan has a low grade fever this morning, Gwen is perky, but it will fall apart around 11am when they both are too tired to stay awake. Then I'll force them awake until we eat lunch, then put them to bed early because they can't stay awake and they will sleep for exactly 1 hour and then will refuse to sleep more and then we have the long drag until bedtime, which will be early because they are so tired and then they will wake up at 5:30 again and we'll repeat endlessly.

Can you understand why I keep crying from the futility and exhaustion of it all? I do so incredibly poorly with lack of sleep.

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