Monday, February 11, 2008

We had a cute kid moment this morning. Ethan woke up early and came into bed with me. The baby was kicking up a storm and so I put Ethan's hand on my tummy and for the first time he felt the baby kick. He was in awe! He asked so many questions, so fast. Why was the baby in there? Why was she turning around and kicking? How big was she? Should we call Daddy and tell him that the baby was kicking? How does he make her kick again? Do babies like car washes (Ethan hates them)?

The funniest one was "Where do babies come from?". I wasn't really ready to broach this at 6:30am, so I stayed very general and said that they come from eggs. You should have seen his face. He was totally thinking chicken eggs. I explained further that they come from human eggs which are really small and inside Mommy and we don't eat human eggs. This made more sense to him :)

When Gwennie joined us, he told her about the kick and they sat on either side of me, their hands on my tummy and tried to wait patiently for a kick. Of course the baby was now still! Ethan and Gwen discussed important details like what toys they'd share and what they would show the baby.

We ended up visiting April today. It was rather last minute and she was gracious enough to let us come by and even fed us! Gibson wasn't feeling well and so him and Ethan were butting heads a few times, but we really enjoyed our visit and Grady was full of smiles. It also wore the kids out good for naps. Score!

It also wore me out (yeah, I'm a wuss) so pizza is currently on its way to Casa Horn.

So most of you are probably familiar with Crocs, right? Those uber-comfy, mostly ugly shoes. Well a lady on my message board posted that she'd bought a cute pair and they were kinda cute so I ordered a pair for myself since I'm basically doing flats for this entire pregnancy (last two I wore heels the whole time. Not so now!). What do you think? Now I'm not saying they are the most adorable or fashionable shoes in the history of the world, but heavens, they are COMFY. I mean like, "I never want to remove these shoes from my feet. Ever" type comfy. The upper is canvas, but the footbed and straps are that Croc-y material.

I also got a pair of flip-flops that are really comfy too. They aren't ugly at all, they just look like flip-flops :)


Deanne said...

Kristi, those shoes are great! They look pretty, feminine and soooo comfortable. I can't wait to see them on you (so much better than high heel shoes for expecting ladies! :-).

Holly said...

Hey, I like the look of those shoes...where'd you get them? I should stock up. :)

The story of Ethan and Gwen was so cute. What a good big brother and sister!

Kristi said...

I got them at The style is "Celeste" and I did a bunch of searching trying to get the best price. I found a coupon code for that site which is why I used it! I did read some reviews about how the style ran small, so I ordered a size larger than I usually do (usually would get 9, but got 10) and they fit really well. Just enough room for socks too if I wanted.

Amber said...

I love the shoes!! Great find! your story of Ethan was so cute!!