Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I was ignored and spit upon

How's that for a subject line!

We've been at my parents house all week. We really enjoy being here. Thanks guys!

Today Mom, Dad and Jenni watched the kids while I ran bunches of errands. Mostly my day was entirely unproductive and frustrating, made worse by a grinding headache that was with me off and on all day.

The long and short was this: I went to BabiesRUs, found a stroller/carseat combo I liked and wanted and had someone page an employee to help me get it down from the shelf. I waited 15 min, then had them paged again. 15 minutes later, still no one so I left. That was after I spent over an hour looking, trying out, reading, etc. What a waste of time and I will take my $$$ elsewhere. Hmph! (p.s. this actually turned out to be a good thing. I found the combo I wanted $20 cheaper online with free shipping. Take that BRU!)

Then I went to go get an oil change. I waited 30 minutes just to see my car pulled in and was hit on by two rather ucky looking men. This was not the bad part though. After my car was done, they brought me outside told me to wait just a second while they greased something or other. The owner of the place was there and he walked backward towards me, while talking to someone else. Then he turned his head and spit. On me. I kinda stood there in shock and the guy freaks out and apologizes. I don't think he realized he spit on me though because he was apologizing for nearly stepping on me. Because I'm loathe to embarrass anyone, I didn't point out that spit actually landed on me, but I was not pleased. I don't know one person who has ever been spit on and now its happened to me twice! Do I attract spit? Am I particularly spit-on-able?

To comfort myself I purchased a medium french fry and small fudge sundae that I ate on my way back to my Mom's. This completed my ever so healthy day of eating, which consisted of two bowls of Trix, a grande vanilla latte and some fruit. No wonder I had a headache.

Its snowing outrageously here right now, though the traffic cameras don't show snow anywhere else. Huge, fluffy white flakes. Maybe 1/2-1 inch already. We might not be able to make it to pre-school tomorrow, but probably will make it home tomorrow to see J (he flies in very late tonight, hopefully, if weather in Chicago allows).

Tomorrow is an important day for the baby. Its the start of the week that babies are considered viable and saveable outside the womb. While a 24 weeker preemie is enough to scare anyone, it does give one a sense of relief to know that their baby would have a chance to survive after this date.

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