Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Know what?

Our patio will be started MONDAY!

That means that well before summer, we will have a very useable outdoor space. The guy I'd previously mentioned bailed on us again and we decided to call a few more. Because of the rough night we had last night (go back to... oh last week or so and find that post about how Ethan was coughing constantly and had a fever, then change Ethan for Gwen and that was our night again), Jason stayed home and called some folks.

One company, whom I had a good feeling about from the second I saw their ad and website came out same day, gave us lots of good information, a very decent quote and bam, its done!

We are getting a basic brushed finish for the main part (look at the picture I posted yesterday) with a "Roman stone" 12 inch border that looks like this:

The brushed portion will be natural concrete color (similar to the color in yesterdays pic), while the border will be darker, similar to the color above. It should be a good contrast and as the border will be the dirtiest part of the patio, due to proximity to the grass, the darker color will help hide smudges and such.

Anyway, I'm thrilled. I cannot wait! I've invited some people over to demolish the deck on Saturday, which should be fun too :)

We've been running non-stop since this morning and I need to take a break. School, post office, grocery shopping, Grammy's house (thanks for lunch by the way!) and then meeting with this guy. I'm worn out, and so are the kids. I'm hoping that they get over the junk they've had since last night because we have a very busy day tomorrow too.

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