Saturday, March 01, 2008

We're just waiting for our helpers to arrive so we can tear down the deck. The kids are SO excited, they can barely contain themselves.

Last night was my MOPS table event... each table had to put on a social event and ours was a scavenger hunt. Instead of gathering items (well, we gathered a few things) we photographed them. For instance, we had to have a photo of someone holding a pet in a pet store, someone in a shopping cart, etc. I took on the highest point item and stood knee deep in Lake Stevens! The driver of our car was the leader of MOPS and she is CRAZY! She drove like a maniac and did all the craziest things, like dashing into Target and throwing on the ugliest outfit she could put together over her clothes for a picture and running (I mean, full out sprinting) into the Lake Stevens pool to find a teenager with an ASB card for a picture. I'm sure we frightened those poor teens. We also impeded two ambulances by blocking the emergency vehicle entrance at the fire station while two of our members were getting a picture with a fireman (luckily they were returning from a call, not leaving) and generally participated in totally un-grown up behavior for an hour.

I wasn't looking forward to going as I'm sick with what the kids have and I felt like crap. Gwen puked right before I left too and I almost bailed . I'm glad I didn't though. It turned out to be more fun than I imagined. Though I'm physically achy this morning from the constant in and out of the van.

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