Friday, March 14, 2008

It was requested that I post a birthday list for Ethan and Gwen, since Ethan's birthday is next week and it kinda snuck up on me (whoops).

You'll notice that many things are repeated on the lists... this is because they have amazingly similar taste in toys and usually if one of them wants something, the other does too!



One of those babies that pee (a boy baby). Jason insists that he shouldn't get one since we'll have our own real life peeing baby soon, but Ethan is entranced by the idea of a doll going potty.

Transformers or Bionicles (the smaller, more hardy ones)

Fire truck or garbage truck

Clothes (5/6)

Geo-Trax (train sets)

Games like Memory, Don't Spill the Beans, Chutes & Ladders

Arts and craft type things


Roller skates

Movies (like Disney classics, etc)


Radio-controlled car, truck or animal

Magnifying glass

Ant Farm


Dress up clothes, specifically, "princess dress and shoes and crown!"

Also a peeing baby doll

Purse (they have ones that have little accessories in them, she's quite obsessed with those).


Roller skates

Arts and crafts

Movies (like Disney classics, etc)

Simple puzzles

Clothes (3/4T)

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