Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter dawned very cold and wet this year! We had planned on going to church, but I had a wee emotional breakdown and it didn't happen :)

Due to the weather, we didn't get to do frilly socks, dressy shoes or sundresses. However, I think the kids looked darn charming.

We headed out to my Mom's and had a big old party for a couple hours. There were quite a few people there, but it was fun.

Jason briefing the three hunters (my cousin Ben, Ethan and Gwen) on the rules of egg hunting. Notice Gwen's look. It must be hard being the smallest.

Ethan's first egg

Gwen's first egg

A clever hiding spot

Ben trying to get hints out of us on the harder to find eggs

Every egg discovery was a moment of joy

I just adore this picture. I may get it framed.

Ethan's face after his Aunt Becki jokingly told him he'd eaten an egg with slugs on it.

Gwen worked on peeling that egg for a VERY long time. She was proud when she finished!

My brother Michael. Isn't he cute?

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