Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here I am at 29 weeks and 2 days.

It is QUITE hard to get a shot of oneself without these pesky little babes getting in the shot. However it can result in rather humorous shots, so I include the two best of me and the hijinks of the kids.

Now I can hear the judgment in your web browsing. You're thinking, "WHY is that nearly 4 year old using a binky and further WHY is that dear child naked?".

Well, we're working on the binky usage. And the naked thing... well, our kids like to be naked A LOT and as we're still working on consistent potty training (er, just ask Grammy who had a rough go this morning while we were at our Bradley class), its just easier to have them in their undies or as sometimes happen, nothing at all. They were very proud to show off their tummies in these shots.

By the way, I made that skirt... it was my latest sewing project. It fits elastic-wise around the waist, but it doesn't sit quite right because of the belly. Quite comfy though.


Becki said...

You look beautiful as always! I love that skirt by the way.

April said...

You look so cute! Love the skirt you made.

not too much longer...

Angela said...

You are so pretty pregnant! I never was! As far as the kids go who cares what people think. Matthew had a binky in at that age too. If they were thumb suckers think of how hard that would be to brake. The dentist told me as long as they don't have permanant teeth not to worry about it. Jamie never took to a binky buut she weaned from the breast a while ago and she is still obsessed with it. We'll be out in public and she will stick her hand down my shirt. We are doing the potty training thing with her as well and she runs around half naked here too. Thanks for sharing the pictures!