Monday, March 31, 2008

We just got back in the house after taking our first foray into the outdoors with the bikes. Two kids on bikes who don't really know how to use their brakes, going downhill and crossing two (luckily) mostly abandoned street results in much hilarity. The kids would start going fast down the gentle slope and freak out. I'd have to run up to them (they really weren't going that fast) and calm them down... and then the other one would go flying by calling for help. They had no idea how to navigate the curbs. They are rounded, so its not like the kids would hit them and go flying. Its just bumpy if you don't enter at the right spot. Ethan went over the highest point on his first curb and was yelling, "whoa whoa whoa!" but after his initial fear was over, he was cracking up over the incident.

Note: this is not Ethan's fancy new bike. This is the crummy second hand one that he refused to touch or try to ride until Gwen got on hers and started. Now he only wants to ride the old one which is too small, and not the new one. In time he'll come around I guess!

We eventually made it down to the tennis court where they had lots of room to ride. I took a short video of them racing.

After they tired of that, we went a bit further to the tiny playground and they ran around for awhile, then in unison decided they wanted to come home. Going uphill with two kids on bikes, when they don't really know how to best power the bikes, is a lot of work for Mom! We made it though and they are currently recouping on the couch with crackers and hot chocolate. Ethan has already told me that "this was a good day". Geez, he's easy to please!

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