Monday, March 24, 2008

Well its been a week since I posted, even though I've had plenty of blog-fodder.

I'll just put it out there. I've been in a depressive funk. Its very similar to how I was feeling when I had post-partum depression. I had been warned that this may happen (and studies have shown that PPD is likely to be worse with subsequent pregnancies), but I didn't expect it to start before the baby was born. Its rather pointless to explain how I'm feeling because it will likely sound stupid and minor when written out. Suppose that you feel stretched out emotionally and mentally and physically at 100% every day, regardless of how you're sleeping (or in my case, not sleeping... which is unusual for me) or how much rest or free time you get. You always feel at your breaking point. That's pretty much it.

Now, onto the fun stuff.

Tuesday I took the kids to their first dental appointment. We'd been prepping them for a few days so they'd know what to expect. As it turns out, one of the Mom's from Ethan's preschool works at this office as a hygienist so it was nice to see a familiar face. The kids did GREAT! They weren't scared or anything. No cavities, and the dentist didn't even say, "Get those kids off binkies NOW!". He just said that they have to be off by 6 or so when their adult teeth come in and the sooner we can get them off the better, but he has kids so he knows how it can be, especially with a new baby on the way.

Kid's chilling in the dentist chairs.

Wednesday, Mom came and got the kids and dropped off Shelly. She went to my 30 week midwife appointment with me. All is well. Blood pressure normal, blood tests normal. Baby measuring exactly as it should and is head up. I need to start doing some exercises to make sure baby turns. We don't want a breech! I also found out that midwives will stay through the entire labor with you, as long as there are no other deliveries going on. If that is the case, then they split their time evenly, but basically they will be with you as much as possible. Another difference from an OB.

After that, we drove down to a restaurant supply store in North Seattle hoping to find stuff for Shel's wedding. Unfortunately we didn't find anything, but I came out with a commercial grade non-stick pan and a few other fun things. After that we headed to Alderwood and ate lunch at P.F. Changs (yum), then headed over to Michaels where we had much better luck at finding things. On our way back to Mom's, we stopped and ordered Ethan's birthday cake at Baskin Robbins. Holy cow, are ice cream cakes expensive!

Thursday, um, something happened. Oh, well I did register Ethan and Gwen for school. They just decided to offer a morning pre-K that runs during the same time as pre-school. What this means is that instead of doing 4 instances of child loading and unloading on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and 2 on Wednesdays), I'll be able to drop E and G both off at the same time on T and Th and pick them up at the same time. We'll just have an extra drop off/pick up on Wednesday. With three kids, this makes a huge difference.

Friday I asked my friend April if she'd like to go the Spartan Gym and let the kids run. She did so we met there. Ethan was like a madman. He ran around non-stop the entire 2 hours. The kid never stopped. He told me his legs hurt afterwards. April was trying to get a picture of Gwen and I told her to do her princess pose (as far as I knew she didn't have one... I was just trying to get her attention). She threw this pose.

I guess she does have a princess pose!

Saturday was busy busy and it was Ethan's 4th birthday! Grammy came and babysat while we did our Bradley class. We got home late due to traffic and hurried to put the kids down before Grandpa Les and Grandma Karen came. The kids dilly-dallied and didn't go to sleep so an hour later when our guests arrived they were raring to go!

We got Ethan a bike for his birthday. He was (and is) more into "fixing" his bike than riding it. Its pretty cute actually. One day he'll want to ride ;)

Les and Karen thoughtfully provided us dinner, but for dessert Ethan specifically requested strawberry shortcake. We put a candle on top and had him blow it out. He's not a very good blower... after about 5 tries he finally got it! He ate 3 bowls of shortcake!

One of his gifts was the Bumblebee Transformer. Speaking as one who has been wrestling that dang toy for a few days now, its HARD to transform!

Ethan still likes playing with it though.

Easter will be in my next post!

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