Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are going through some regression with Gwen. It correlates perfectly to when I started really showing and our increased discussion of when the baby comes what will be happening.

Today she required that I carry her everywhere in a cradle hold... head on one arm, legs on another, just like you might carry a newborn. Last night her and Ethan found some bottles I'd brought home from my Mom's to use for pumped milk and she was really into using the bottle, and wanted Jason to "hold me like a baby" and feed her the bottle. Her binky use is WAAAAY up. She was never a heavy user, but trying to pry that thing out of her mouth for any length of time is real struggle now.

I know its typical for kids to do this, and I expect it might even worsen after the baby arrives, but it is kinda irritating. I'm hardly comfortable toting a 25 lb child around, there is no room on my lap to speak of, and I like to hear her talk, not binky talking.


Becki said...

Perhaps the binky's need to "fly" seemed to work with Jenni.

April said...

I have a couple of friends that cut the tip on the binkies and then when the kid realized that the binky was "broken" the parents asked if they wanted to "throw it away" and of course the kids did and then when they asked for it again the parents said "remember it was broken and we had to throw it away?" It worked in both cases, but there was a bit of crying involved for a day or so.

We have the "binky's are only for babies" rule in our house, and since Gibson didn't take one and Grady does and I am not anywhere near weaning him off that, I don't really have any other advice besides what worked for friends.

I'm sad to say that you should expect some regression for sure. We experienced it here. The worst part about it is Gibson has gone back to baby talking and I hate that! I have heard alot of kids regress on the potty training stuff, but since we aren't potty trained, I couldn't tell you about that.

Hang in there! You know I am here if you need anything.