Monday, March 31, 2008

It looks like all of us are pretty healthy now. Still some sniffles and coughs, but mostly back to normal.

I need to blog more than once a week, otherwise these blog posts get enormously long.

Last Tuesday, Gwen had a very informal program for her gymnastics. VERY informal. But it was still really cute. Mom, Jenni, Shel and Jason were all able to come and watch her 10 minutes of glory as she did her routine. She loved having us there to clap and encourage her. Unfortunately my camera battery was pretty much dead so I didn't get any pictures, but Jas got video so we'll try to get that downloaded and compressed to ya'll can see it. Its only "maybe" 10 minutes long but real cute. They even got a little trophy at the end.

I made a boo-boo on Tuesday. I thought last week was spring break for Ethan's school. So I didn't take him to school but as we were driving to to gymnastics, I had noticed that there were cars in the parking lot and I realized that I must have gotten my days mixed up. As it turns out I did mix them up (and wasn't the only one apparently). Duh! This week is spring break, I double checked :)

Wednesday I had my dental appointment and that went well. No cavities and no problems. They did recommend that I wait until after the baby is born to have the teeth cleaned however, as it might be uncomfortable for me to sit there for a long period. This is true, so I'll wait.

Thursday Ethan did go to school and Gwen and I went shopping at Target and picked up some odds and ends. I got the schedule of events for the rest of the school year and I'm bummed that all the fun stuff happens in mid-late May. Right when I'm due! They are taking a field trip to a kangaroo farm, having a "read-in" and an end of year picnic on my due date! Hopefully I'll be able to make all those events, but at least if I can't go Jason or my Mom can take him.

Friday was MOPS and we had a speaker who talked about her trials and struggles. Man, was it emotional! She said some cool stuff though. One of her quotes (which I'm sure probably isn't something she just made up but used from somewhere else) was: God is more concerned about my character than my comfort, more concerned about my holiness than my happiness. This is true, yet how many of us (myself totally included ) get angry with God because we are not comfortable or happy? Anyway, it really has stuck with me.

Saturday, Becki came over to babysit while we did our Bradley class. We are half-way through! Just 4 more weeks. We talked a lot about emergency birth and communicating our wishes to our midwife and the hospital. It was one of the more informative classes we've had to date.

Sunday we woke up to about 1/2 inch of snow. The kids immediately wanted to go outside. Ethan was back in within 5 minutes, but Gwen spent about 15 min out there assembling this snowball.

She really wanted to make her snowball comfortable and keep him warm, so she covered him with a towel. I was telling my Mom about this and how it was kinda strange, but she said we used to tend to snowballs too when we were little!

Ethan wanted me to take a picture of him since I'd taken some of Gwen. He wouldn't take out the binky, the little stinker.

We talked with my Mom and found out that they had nearly 5 inches of snow and weren't going to church. So we headed out there for some snow fun. On our drive out, we didn't see snow, in fact it was raining. As we got closer, Jason was feeling kinda bummed... that the snow had already melted or that my Mom had exaggerated. Yet as soon as we turned onto the long twisting road that leads to their driveway, it started getting colder, more snow on the ground, actual flakes falling from the sky. By the time we reached their driveway, it was clear that there was a bunch of snow! How weird their micro-climate is!

A picture looking back on their driveway.

My Mom had saved some little jobs for them to do. One was to empty out a bunch of eggs that had candy and change in them.

Then we went outside and played for a really long time. Everyone took a turn on the sleds and we had some pretty funny spills and crashes. Jason took video that we'll try to get up soon. We came in for lunch and then the kids and Ben wanted to go back out, so they did. Gwen came in soon after... her snowsuit hadn't been done up correctly and snow had gotten in her boots. She was icy cold! Her little feet were bright red. So we wrapped her in blankets and after telling us that she wanted to "lay on the floor", we placed her on the dog bed right in front of the fire. She ended up sleeping there for over an hour, even after her brother came in and threw peanuts at her!

We eventually returned home around 5 with some totally worn out kids. After dinner (stuffed bell peppers with roasted corn on the cob), we scrubbed them down in a bath, then sent them off to bed, where they slept like rocks the entire night. They even slept in a little for me this morning. Sleeping in, of course, meaning like 6:45 :)

Today we're just hanging out. The sun has made an appearance, so we're gonna get dressed and ride bikes outside for a little bit. Tonight I have a MOPS event at a spa/coffeehouse thing that should be fun.

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Holly said...

Hey, how do you like your Bradley class? Tim and I are looking at one here in Spokane, but it costs $250!! Do you think it's worth all that? We were thinking about maybe just buying the book and both studying it, as well as take a much cheaper 2 day class they offer at the hospital, but we aren't sure yet. What do you think?