Friday, February 01, 2008

Today was are totally being lazy. We're all in our jammies, I've been on the computer, kids watching shows/fighting/playing in the dollhouse.

This cold just won't die. Its mostly sinus problems now, which makes the head foggy and sore.

A few nights ago Ethan asked to watch E.T. He'd seen the DVD and was interested. So we sat down and I've never seen that kid so enthralled. Other than to ask a question here or there, he didn't speak or move the entire time! He adored the movie. He's been wanting to watch a movie every night now, which isn't really our thing, but we'll have to enlarge our DVD collection with more kid-friendly stuff.

Sunday Jason leaves for Chicago for a business trip (on SuperBowl Sunday, how cruel is that?) and we'll be at my Mom's until Thursday. I'm looking forward to it for a couple reasons, but I'll be honest and say primarily, right now, because I'll be able to sleep more!

Our star chart is working well and bed/nap times are going more smoothly. The second day we were using it, Ethan called me up and said, quite seriously, that, "I talked to God and he said that I can sleep downstairs on the couch". Uhhhh huh. I told him that God also says that you should obey your parents and sleep in your room. That kid!

Tonight we're having our favorite salmon dish, Honey and Soy Glazed Salmon. We usually have it with plain rice and sauteed frozen spinach. YUM!

Seems like I'm forgetting stuff that I should be writing about. Oh well!

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