Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ethan's favorite show now is NOT Bob The Builder, but one called Super Why! Its actually really helped both the kids identify letters and put clues together and one of the things I really like is that every episode is based off a fairy tale.

Ethan has been nuts about the Goldilocks and the Three Bears one for awhile now. He'll watch it over and over and over again. Last night he decided that we should act it out ourselves. First he wanted me to be all three bears, he would be Goldilocks and Gwennie would be the wolf (?). After clearing up the misconception about a wolf in that particular fairy tale, we decided to wait until Daddy got home and we'd have enough people to play the parts.

So for the first round Daddy was papa bear, I was momma bear and Gwen was baby bear. Ethan was Goldilocks. He even got out bowls and "filled" them with porridge. Anyway, it was pretty funny. He loved that we would get more and more upset as we went through the porridge, the chairs and the beds. For the second round, I was papa bear, Ethan was momma bear and Gwen was baby bear. Daddy was Goldilocks! He kept wanting to play but we had to stop so I could make dinner. Beware any who visit, you may get roped into filling parts in this play.

Yesterday we had MOPS and due to a staffing shortage I worked in Gwen's class instead of being in the meeting. I was rather saddened because they asked for volunteers to help out (they do this VERY rarely) and absolutely no one offered. They were going to draw names for people to go and help when I volunteered. After me, another lady did as well and that took care of the problem, but it just irked me that not one person volunteered. I get that the whole point is to spend kid free time, but jeez, we pay a measly $5 a meeting for 2 hours of childcare plus food, plus activities and no one was willing to sacrifice one meeting? Heck, this is the second one in just a few months I've had to miss to help out.

It was interesting seeing Gwen in a large social group. She's quiet and easy going with other kids. Not an instigator at all. She kept calling me Mommy and by the end of the class, I kid you not, nearly every kid was calling me Mommy! All the age groups get together for 15 minutes of singing time and wow, was Ethan surprised to see me. He kept waving though he was very well behaved and stayed seated next to his teacher the whole time. My "Mommy" vibe must have been turned on high though because during singing no less than 5 kids of varying ages (from 2-6 years and total strangers to me) came and sat on my lap and cuddled. All the teachers were cracking up about it... maybe it was the pregnant tummy or something.

I'm feeling mopey and rather blue. It started late last night and wasn't helped by the really great movie I watched, "Little Miss Sunshine" or sleep. Tonight we have a Valentines dinner thing being put on by my Mom's church and while I was the one who originally wanted to go, the very thought right now is "ugh". Its typical for this to happen after a very busy week, so maybe thats it.

Oh, Jason is very fond of the name Elsa. What do you think? Its a derivative of Elizabeth (my middle name) and means (well, there are lots of meanings, but the general idea of them all is as follows), "My God is a vow" and "joyful". As a German name instead of Hebrew, is means "Noble". Anyway, I like that its easy to say and spell and similar to a very common name, but still unique.


Holly said...

Oh, I like Elsa. What middle name would you probably pair with it if you chose it?

Kristi said...

The two names I'm going back and forth on for middle are Hazel and Marlene. Both seem to fit decently with Elsa and our last name!