Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, I forgot to add that there is good stuff going on too.

This weekend, my long distant (and can we say long-suffering as well?) cousin Holly is returning to her home state of Washington! How we've missed her, though we've been lucky to see her as often as we have given how far away she was living (Georgia). Her husband Tim is driving back with all their stuff and I look forward to seeing that great guy too.

And also, my sister Michelle is returning home from Boston on Wednesday, to be followed in a month or two by her affianced, Peter. I'm thrilled to see her and give her a hug. Her experience out East, although not without some upsides, was rough and our hearts have hurt for all she's been dealing with.

I'll just say it. I like my family close! When they go farther than a state away, I miss 'em a lot. This next week will hold two very special reunions for us!

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Michelle said...

I like that you used the word "affianced."

It made me chuckle.

Great word. ^_^

<3 M