Friday, February 10, 2006

Another busy day. Ethan has so hit the terrible twos, its not even funny. Ugh!

During first nap, I ran to Fred Meyer to pick up the groceries I'd forgotten the day before and return some stuff. While I was there, I picked up a pair of jeans in the next size down from what I currently am wearing. Totally did not think they'd fit... I haven't worn this size since before the kids were born. But my current jeans were loose (held up with a belt actually) so I thought it would be worth a try.

Guess what? They FIT. Not even snug. Fit like a glove. Can't believe it. Haven't even been walking for two weeks and I can get into them. Wow! That really brightened my day :)

After returning home, I made up some bread dough to rise, then the kids and J (he stayed home again today) and I went walking. Since Ethan walked most the way, it was more a stroll than an invigorating walk, but just the same, it was good to get out in the air.

I made pork chops with vinegar and sweet peppers for dinner, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Pretty good, though Jason said that the recipe wouldn't even make his top 10 of fav pork chop dishes. Ouch. Well, I suppose you can't hit it out of the park with every recipe.

Trying to decide what to do... A huge stack of books await, but I have knitting projects to finish too. I'm knitting two ponchos for sisters that are approximately Ethan and Gwen's age. For the baby one, I used my standard pattern, but couldn't convert it right into a toddler size so I made one up. Its coming out cute, but I'm afraid it might be too long. This poor girl may be running around with what will look like a blanket over her. I need to knit a bit more and then hold it up to Ethan and see.

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