Friday, February 17, 2006

Ok, before I forget, I need to tell you what Gwennie and Ethan have been doing lately that is cute.

First, Ethan.

He is really getting into kissing things. He kisses dolls and toys and dogs and tv's and people too. Just watch out, he's not quite gotten the knack of closing his mouth while he kisses, so you get very slimy! Just tonight though he gave me a great big "muah!" on the cheek. Too cute.

Gwen has started clapping for what she wants. We'll put her in the highchair and she starts clapping like crazy for food. When she runs out of food, she starts clapping again! Its really really funny. She's also tickling things now... she likes to make a "dawdledawdledawdle" sound while she tickles you. Its exactly what Ethan does, so she must have picked it up from him. In any case, its so adorable.

Today it was far too cold to walk. Frigid! I need to get back in that routine.

We did do some walking though. After Jason came home we headed out to Costco and got some stuff. The best thing we got was those berry sundaes which are SO good, and then I got a churro for Ethan and Oh. My. Goodness. It was delicious. I've never had one before, but now I'm afraid I will always want them. Holy cow it was good.

Tomorrow Becki will be here babysitting while J and I hit the homeshow, then go out for our Valentines Dinner. I'm excited about the restaurant!

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