Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I make horrible brownies. Every couple months I try again, and they always come out strange. Edible, but off in some way. This batch tasted fine, but they are super crumbly and rather dry. How they can be dry with 4 eggs and a stick of butter in a 8x8 pan, I do not know.

Today I got a delivery of a really cool new sling. Instead of the pouch design of my other one, this one uses rings and is very adjustable to every size and position. Its much easier to nurse in. I still love my pouch for some things, but this ring sling... I can tell I'm gonna like it. Maybe I can get Mom to take pics of me using it tomorrow.

The weather has been wild the last few days. I thought for sure last night that our power would go out. When I was up at 1:30am this morning, I saw that the houses on the other side of the easement had lost power and this morning some of our clocks were reset, so we must have had a brief outage at some point.

During a break in the rain, I wanted to walk with Ethan and Gwennie to get the mail. I was going to let Ethan walk, but he just wouldn't! He kept wanting to get in the car. He also seemed afraid of the wind. When a big gust would come, he'd duck and run into the garage or my legs.

The kids have been playing together more and more lately. They'll disappear into the front room and we'll hear them giggling, talking and having all sorts of fun. The first signs of rivalry are starting to pop up now and then. Gwen no longer is ok with Ethan just taking things from her. She actually complains, and sometimes pursues him!

This morning her and I had a little face off over the outlet in our room. They don't have covers as the kids are never in there unattended. Well this morning Gwen and I were on the floor and she wanted to play with that outlet. I said no, and moved her away. She immediately crawled back and reached for the outlet. I once again said no, tapped my finger on her hand and moved her away. We did this two more times. The 5th time she crawled up there I simply said, "no touch Gwennie" and she stopped, looked at me, and started kicking her feet and flailing her arms in what can only be described as a temper tantrum. But she didn't touch the outlet and once her moment was done, I had to grab her up and give her lots of hugs and kisses for learning :)

Oh, its kinda neat. Gwen has seemingly gone off the pacifier all by herself. She's gone two days now without needing one! I'm totally ok with it, as it will save the eventual trauma of removal when she's older.

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mom horn said...

Hey honey,
I had a thought about your brownies...If they are to dry you are either cooking them to long or your heat is to high.They should only be cooked for about 25-30 min's. Your ovens temp. should be at 350 degrees. When they are done they will looked wet and not quite done on top center. You cannot do the toothpick test on them to check for doneness because if cooked right the toothpick would come out covered with brownie. So I would say cook them in a your
8 x 8 pan for 30 min's at most... in a 350 degree oven. Try it and let me know if that works. Remember the most important thing is that the brownies will NOT look done when you take them out of the oven.
Give my babies a kiss and a hug for me. Love you honey.