Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm on a downswing... I had about 2 weeks of lots of energy, I was getting stuff done, but yesterday I wasn't feeling it and today I REALLY have been lazy. House wasn't cleaned, I put off showering forever just because I felt like it was too much work and all I've done is read and knit.

Oh, Angela... Tell Jamie that her poncho has been delayed because her Aunt is crazy! I knitted it all up and washed it and oh, its cute. However, right before I was going to mail it off I looked at it again and realized that I had knitted it much too small! Doh! I really can't believe I did that and didn't catch myself. Sigh. So, I will restart, and hopefully she'll have it soon. I won't bail on this like I did with the baby blanket, promise ;)

Well, I can think of nothing interesting to say, so I'll close this up.

Wait, here are a few bath pics we took the other day that are pretty cute.

My pretty pretty princess-

Ethan upset because I told him that water has to stay in the tub. Check out the drama!

I love this. It's such a "Why is SHE so happy" look from Ethan

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