Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Would you like to see what Ethan does every single morning of every single day? I bring to you... "The Espresso Request"

Just to clarify, Ethan does not drink coffee (though he's tasted it and found it delicious). He just likes the steamed milk that comes at the end :)

The inital request.

Helping to put the grounds in the filter. He *always* tastes them. Eew!

Milk out of the fridge

Milk onto the counter

Between the last picture and this one there was spillage of my vanilla flavoring on the floor, so we had a take a short break to clean it up.

While we are waiting, Ethan asks if we can make drip too. I decline.

Wasting more time...

Gwen realizes that I haven't held her for nearly 10 minutes and acts dramatic

Voila! Espresso starts coming out...

While I steam the milk, Ethan is distracted by cookies

Finally, he gets to eat some of the foam. He is happy.

Hope you enjoyed our morning routine!

1 comment:

MammaJill said...

How cute of Ethan to "help" you out making espresso! Those are great pictures! :)