Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh dear, I've been terribly lax in my blogging duties.

This weekend we looked for property... mostly in Snohomish area. We found some good stuff online in Sammamish, but are leaning more and more away from King county as they have so many restrictions on building and the taxes are higher.

Tonight, Sue came over to talk to us about the options for selling. Her preliminary work up was $20,000 more than what we thought we could sell the house for, so that's good. She brought us all sorts of interesting things to look at. What we really need to do is buckle down and move on a piece of property. Until then, we really don't know anything about our timeframe and can't get anything else done.

This Thursday we're going to a home-building seminar, then this Saturday we're going to hit the HomeShow. Afterwards we're going to do our Valentines Day dinner at a southern restaurant called Sazerac. I wanted to one called Cascadia, but the meals were a little esoteric for Jason's taste and I wanted him to like the food too :)

I did something nasty to my thumb today. I was grabbing Ethan away from the toilet and something "popped" in my thumb. I looked at it and there was a black and blue spot and a lump. I could still bend my thumb, and I applied pressure to the bump and it mostly went away, but the bruise remained. Its been sore and achy all day. Weird.

The kids drove my bonkers today. Ethan and Gwennie were at each others throats over various things (snacks, utensils, toys, you name it) and I felt so... so... confined. Like the house was collapsing in on me!

Oh, we were "tagged" over the weekend. Graffiti was sprayed twice on our fence, then on some mailboxes and a local school. Tomorrow we're going to run out to Lowes and get some stuff I read about that you can spray on it and then brush off. If that doesn't work, we're going to try a pressure washer. We're reluctant to paint over it because then we'll have to paint the whole fence to make it look nice.

We stopped at the library over the weekend too and I got 3 more books, plus a book on tape that I got by accident. I now have two large stacks of books. Oy.

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Anonymous said...

I used to get those little spots on my hand whenever I found it necessary to warm my sons' britches over something naughty. Those little metal brads were very tough on the hands 8/ They go away eventually.

I totally enjoyed your morning ritual pictures. (Am 2 days behind in blog reading.)