Monday, February 06, 2006

*sigh* So much to blog about, where to begin.

Well, Saturday we woke up at 2am with our power out. Because that stopped the kids light and music, they were up at 5. Ugh. Our power came back on for about an hour or so, then went out again. It was freezing in the house, we couldn't cooking anything to eat and had no way to entertain ourselves. So, we headed out to Mom's place.

On our drive out there, we ran across a huge tree just about a mile from our house. It was blocking one lane, but we were able to get around it. Further, on the road my Mom lives off of, a whole bunch of trees came down and snapped lines and there were fires. A fireman turned us around and we had to take the long way through Granite Falls. We expected to run into troubles that way because its more heavily wooded, but surprisingly it was mostly clear. There was one tree across the road, but when we got there a policeman had just finished sawing it up and pushing it off the road.

Mom's power was out too, but they had their generator going so we were able to keep warm, cook, and keep the kids entertained comfortably. We headed home at about 1 and our power was on by the time we got home. It flickered a few more times, but never went completely out.

Sunday, we cleaned like the dickens to get ready for our SuperBowl party. I simmered German brats in 2 cans of Guinness and 1 bottle of India Ale, along with two onions and some garlic. Smelled divine. After they were about halfway cooked I pulled them off the heat and let them cool in the liquid until serving time, when I'd throw them on the grill.

Everyone showed up around 3 and we ate at about 5. The game was ok. Bad calls, but the Hawks weren't playing that great either. Just made everyone depressed. Dinner was good though :)

This morning the kids slept rather late (7) and we had a nummy breakfast of leftover brats, toast and strawberry/banana/orange/lime/yogurt smoothies. Ethan was NUTS about it :)

The house is messy, but all that looks good is snuggling up on the couch with my coffee and watching the rest of "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" (so far its been excellent!). Its the documentary behind that movie, "End of the Spear".

Today I WILL go walking. Need to get back into that, especially now that our weather will be good for a bit. I haven't gained any weight, but I've stopped losing. I'm still just at the cusp of dropping a size. My current pants are too big around the waist, but the next size down is just a bit too snug. A few more pounds and I'll be golden.

Ok, off to indulge myself with the rest of this movie, then try and get some cleaning done.

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