Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ethan is losing his title of sole troublemaker in this house! Oy vey.

Look what Gwennie did yesterday.

Yep, thats Desitin. She didn't actually ingest much, but spread it liberally over her face and hands. She had this face on because I had shrieked when I saw the mess and immediately ran for the camera. I scared the poor dear and then made her wait through pictures!

Then tonight, we were all playing on the floor when Jason realizes that Gwen has been eating Vaseline! Ugh. She was coated in a thick layer from face to toes.

The funny thing about this picture is that you can see Tilli in there already, trying to lick it off. That dog eats ANYTHING. If you click on these pics they'll open bigger and you can really see how much she had on her.

Love this one because it shows one of her new teeth

You may rightfully reason that we are completely lax parents by these events! In our defense, we're not quite used to Gwennie being able to get around and get into things. She used to be so immobile. Recently she's been like a hawk... you drop anything or leave any item out and she will absolutely find it within seconds.

I attempted a minor craft project today with Ethan. I gave him some construction paper, cut up some of my colorful origami paper into shapes and gave him a glue stick. In true kid fashion, he tasted the glue stick first :) We had fun with it for about 2 minutes, then he started tearing everything apart and threw it all over the house. I realize he's like almost 2 and perhaps a bit young for this stuff, but I'm so un-crafty and un-artistic myself... I keep hoping that my children will have some and then I get frustrated when they don't!

Aaron worked his toosh off. We tried all sorts of things to get the graffiti off to no avail. We got one of the tags mostly removed, but the other didn't come off at all. We're going to need an electric sander of some kind or just replace the boards. I may still buy some gray paint and slap it over it too because the fence is gray and the painted portions don't show from the street.

Gwen didn't sleep in the afternoon. She's been teething so badly... 4 teeth all at once on the top and she's in a lot of pain.

I was far too worn out to do dinner and was starting to feel very depressed and bitchy, so Jason got us dinner from McD's and what I had for dinner was... its bad... a medium fry and a McFlurry. I did snag a few chicken mcnuggets. But can you believe that? Its horrible! Ah well. When a girl needs ice cream, she needs ice cream.

Tomorrow Grammy is coming early (like 10am) to babysit while I run and do errands for a few hours. I cannot wait. I need to bust out of this house like sooooo badly. Gonna go into Lynnwood and hit a couple craft stores for things I need for various projects. Will probably be back around 1, as Grammy needs to leave then.

Have I mentioned that I'm kinda into origami? Back in my younger years we had exchange students stay with us from Japan a couple times and they always showed us little things made out of origami. I was in the store the other day and picked up a pack of paper and looked online for diagrams. WOW. You will not believe what people can make out of little bits of paper. Its amazing. I'm still trying to get my cranes and waterbombs (they look like balls) and boats to come out nicely, but I thought that it might be pretty to make some of the more complex flowers then mount them on a dark colored mat and frame them. We'll see.

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