Saturday, June 17, 2006

The bad news:

Our dishwasher is broken, AGAIN. Same problem... Not draining. Yet, this morning, feeling lucky, I ran it through again and it did drain. What the #$!!^%? So, I loaded it up again with dishes and ran it through. I'm afraid to open it now though because I just know that since I loaded the dishwasher up it will not drain and now I'll have to take everything out and wash it by hand. Sears can't come back out to look at it until Thursday. Great. We can't replace the darn thing because it may impact our sale. Great. This little appliance is really making me irate.

The good news:

We went to kite flying night last night and got lots of cute pics of the kids. Here they are.

Posing on the beach

Ethan, endlessly facinated by water

Laughing at his cousin Aaron

I love this one...

Putting shells on Gwennies head (?)

Sittin' pretty

Wheee! (one of the few pics I have of him smiling. Yes!)

About to slide...

and away she goes!

Shelly and her "friend" Peter. He was extremely nice and very funny.

Aunt Jenni and Gwen

Aunt Becki and Gwen

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