Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let me tell you about our recent string of bad luck.

Last Thursday we went out to our cars to head to the new house for inspection and stuff and found that both our cars had been gone through. Nothing was gone from Jasons, but my cell phone was taken :( I was really surprised because I had my Ipod and a huge case of CD's, but they only took my cell phone.

Then, our dishwasher stops draining so I have to wash piles of dishes every day by hand.

Yesterday, Jason opens his blinds and finds that the outer pane of his window has a hole and is cracked. I go out and find the rock that did the damage under the window. Given the size of the rock (pretty small) and the angle, it looks like someone must have tossed it over the fence. Or, it could have been kicked up by the lawn mower at some point. Jason had those blinds closed for weeks, so we have no way of knowing when it actually happened. We probably will not repair it as the hole is only in the outer pane and doesn't open into the house.

Dishwasher guy shows up today and does exactly what I did earlier but longer and voila, it works.

While he is here, we get a call from US Bank Fraud department. Looks like I dropped Jason's debit card on Sunday and someone picked it up and made some charges. Luckily, they caught it, cancelled the card and refunded the money. Still, major stress!

We can't believe how things have been going of late. Hopefully they end today and will go no farther since the dishwasher is now fixed and I have a phone again. May the chain be broken!

Ethan has been going through a very big jealousy stint. A few days ago he tried to nurse. Now, he stopped nursing at 10 months and has never ever tried since. He didn't know what to do and lost interest quickly. I let him try because I didn't want to make him feel bad and I knew that he wouldn't remember how it all worked. Well, every time I nursed today he wanted to nurse. When he's tired of waiting, he'll push Gwen away, lift up my shirt and say, "Gwen all done. I nurse, I nurse". I told him that he couldn't nurse, but that we could cuddle. So instead of nursing, he requires 15 min of cuddle, story and hugs after every nursing session. I don't know what triggered this, but it sure has been time consuming! I feel bad because he really seems hurt that Gwen gets to "cuddle" with me so often and he doesn't :(

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