Thursday, June 08, 2006

Such a whirlwind the last couple of days.

We sold the house on Saturday... dropped 2,000 off the price, but we were happy with it. The one catch was that they wanted to move in by the end of the month. We accepted this because we were anxious to move too! They did not want an inspection done on the house, which was strange, but ok with us :)

So we went house searching all day Sunday with no luck. Monday we did Lake Stevens and found lots of good stuff. We took Mom out later in the day to get her opinion on our top two and she helped us pick "the one".

As we were writing up the offer, we heard that another offer had been put in for the house, but that it wasn't full price. Obviously, we bumped ours up to full price, but we had to keep the short closing date to fit with what our house was doing.

Tuesday we heard that a third offer had been put in on the house. We thought for sure that we lost the house... that certainly this third offer was more than full price. The kids and I were going home that day and I cried the entire way thinking that we'd have to redo our search and that this house was so perfect.... but then our agent called and told us they'd taken our offer!

Not only had they taken it, but they'd turned down $5,000 more because we were such strong buyers. Wow! God really answered our prayers!

Anyway, we're in a big flurry of trying to plan things out now. Today the inspector will be out there and we have a person coming out to do measurements on the floors. I want at least the downstairs and stairs to be done in wood and maybe the master bedroom too. Its all carpet right now and they have cat so its not great for Jason.

Oh, and you know who has paid me a third visit? Mr. Strep Throat. Yep. My antibiotic dose was up on Sunday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a tickle and it went downhill from there. Erg. I'm sitting here right now with a very swollen throat, fever and body aches. Got a stronger antibiotic from the doc and hopefully this will resolve soon. I can't recall ever, in my entire life, having something this persistent... something that 20 days of antibiotics did not kill.

Coming home after 3 weeks at my Mom's has been hard. Not only do the kids miss her and Jenni and the freedom they have there, but I miss the help :) We had a really good time there and we are so thankful that they opened their home to us for so long.

Its quite apparent to me why back in the day and in other cultures the families all live together. To get anything done and keep your sanity, you need to work as a group. I wonder if the rate of post-partum depression is higher in countries like the US and UK because of our independence from family. Instead of living an extended family house, we all have our little houses where we handle everything on our own. It puts a lot of stress on the Moms to do everything themselves.

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