Monday, August 28, 2006

Haven't blogged because we have been very very busy.

Les & Karen and Nicole came by on Saturday for a visit. Was very good to see them... haven't met up with them since the kid's birthday party. Les is being deployed next month so he wanted to see everyone before he goes. The kids had a great time playing with them. Nicole left later in the evening (she lives in Seattle, yet we never see her!) and Les and Karen spent the night, which was fun. We really enjoyed them being here.

Sunday, after they left, we took the kids to Catherine Creek Park in Lake Stevens. It was scaldingly hot and because this was an older style, all-wood playground with metal slides, well, the kids weren't too set on doing too much. They did manage to wear themselves out though and we got some cute pics which I'll try to put up later.

I've also been... occupied... with this game we downloaded on the XBox. Texas Hold 'em. Oh, its so addictive. What's worse is that I couldn't stand to watch Jason play online with his account and not be able to myself, so I signed up for an online account as well. Therefore, if anyone wants to add me to their XBox friends list and play some online games, my tag is "Au Lait" (no quotes). Not that I need to have something to distract me during the day, but it would be very fun to have a friend to game with :)

Err... this Thursday is someone's birthday. Do you know who? Guesses?

Well its me! And I will accept any token that you, my humble readers, may want to bestow upon me :)

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