Friday, August 04, 2006


We are exhausted.

The kids have reached a point where, I just have to believe, they are at their critical mass as far as energy and mischievousness goes. It is literally non-stop around here, and for the last two days they've not napped at all which has also added to the fun. They want everything, and mostly have the skills to get whatever they want. The kids are really starting to interact physically now, which means lots more spills and accidents and owies and crying. Crazy.

Yesterday we met Grammy and Poppa at a cool park by their house and let the kids play. It was quite nice in the shade, quite scorching in direct sunlight. The kids had fun.

Today I did massive amounts of yardwork, pulling up the overgrown and weeded beds on the side of the house. Some sort of plant with a bulb and weird rooty things took quite a bit of effort to hoist up. I planted some hen and chick plants (sorry, don't know their real name) to do just basic groundcover. I think once I get all the overgrowth pulled up, we'll have room for a small storage shed back there by the gate, which would be really nice. I did hack away at my hydrangea plant and finally cleared a path to the hose outlet there. The former owners were living in a jungle!

After Jason got home I ran out to the grocery store, then made beef stroganoff for dinner.

Tomorrow we're dropping Tilli and the kids at my Mom's and driving out to Oak Harbor to pick up two really cool patio chairs I got off Craigslist. Originally we were going to take the kids and make a day trip of it, but right now, neither of us feel like entertaining the kids for that long of a trip. So, we're going to take a quiet, restful, long drive all by ourselves and enjoy it! We used to take random road trips all the time when we were without children. Most often to the coast, but sometimes just following the freeway to wherever we felt led.

Mentally, I'm getting by. I'm not in a good or healthy place right now. I feel very weak in spirit and emotion.

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Kate Thaete said...

still praying for you, babe. glad you're keeping busy - accomplishing stuff always feels good. hope things look up.