Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wanna see something really cute?

Today when I was putting away the kids laundry, Gwen went into the playroom/spare bedroom and came back with a doll. Now, up to this point, neither child has been that interested in dolls, playing house, etc.

But it looks like they are interested now, especially Ethan! He carried that baby around and diapered it and wiped it and even nursed it. SO cute. When we came downstairs, he showed baby all the pictures of family I just put up and even carried her outside. Gwen helped too.

What is really funny about this picture is that its exactly how Gwennie is nursing much of the time... I guess he really notices these things :)

Proud Daddy!

Coloring baby with sidewalk chalk

Gwen telling him of the dangers of drawing on babies. She proceeded to wipe it off.

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