Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I suppose I should say something of interest before everyone stops reading my blog.



I often find frogs on the side of our house and hiding behind things in the yard.

Ethan can't stop singing and Gwen can't stop dancing.

Sorry to say that's it. Nothing of any interest whatsoever has been going on lately. Just same old, same old.

I have accumulated a massive number of books from the library. On such varied topics as making knitted or rag rugs, nursing toddlers, a historical fiction series set in a Middle Eastern desert, the life of Alfred Kinsey (very fascinating), a number of books by Tom Wolfe (currently on Bonfire of the Vanities) and an accidental repeat of a book I read awhile ago, but may re-read since its here.

To save Jason's sanity, I've divided the books into upstairs and downstairs books. I tend to start many books and read them all at once. Usually I leave them spread all over the house, turned over, or with scraps of paper sticking out. Drives Jason bonkers. So I'm trying the upstairs/downstairs system. All my upstairs books are on a dresser, all the downstairs ones on the piano. Seems to be working fairly well, and I'm going through them at a fast clip.


Anonymous said...

Yout totally need to get some video of E and G doing their song/dance routine!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like those 2 make quite a pair, what with the singing and dancing. We have frogs also - and I love them, especially in the spring and early summer when they sing their heads off.