Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm am very down.

Very very down. Words could not express how depressed in spirit I'm feeling at this time.

I heard from the rescue folks last night that they have a possible home for Tilli with a family in Kirkland. They'd like to have her for a weekend to see if she is a good fit. I'm going to try and run out this week to get her up to date on shots, nails clipped, and all her medical records.

Today we took Gwen to her doctors appointment. Amazingly, our little peanut has not yet broken the 20lb mark.

She weighs:

18lbs, 12oz (5%)

and her length is:

30 3/4 inches (75%)

She's doing great. She got her MMR shot and so far there has been no reaction. I hate that shot.

We had my favorite salmon dish for dinner.

We spent the weekend at my Mom's while J was in Spokane. Mom and Dad got a new dog... He was one of my Aunt's puppies that she sold 5 years ago and due to a change in situation, the folks couldn't keep him anymore. His name is Joey and he's very mellow and very well trained. He's huge too, just like Gabe. So far he seems to be fitting in really well. Next time I'm over there I'll snap some pics.

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Kate Thaete said...

i'm praying for you, kristi. hope things look up for you.