Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today was a happy/sad day.

We went to Rattlesnake Lake and the kids really enjoyed themselves. There were lots of rocks, and plenty of lake to throw them into. That's all they require for a good time :)

It was a heckuva lot of a driving to and fro though. Yikes. It may be possible that we spent more time driving back and forth than we spent at the lake! Its even more likely that Ethan talked more on this drive than he has total in the past month. That kid can talk up a storm, and most of it is Bob the Builder related. Didn't help that we were passing construction sites non-stop on our route.

Oh, and thanks to Ethan, Gwen now knows how to say "No" and she uses it frequently, mostly when she is mocking us while we try to correct her behavior. That girl, I tell ya, is gonna be trouble :)

I heard some frustrating news about a lady that I hold dear to my heart and its just not fair or right that this is happening to her again. I wish I could stop it for her.

Sometimes it seems that I'm just not cut out for this motherhood thing. There is very little joy in it for me and I just do what I'm expected to do, what I have to do, and what I should do. It seems as though very little is done because I desire to do it. Its not like I expect butterflies and roses and rainbows every day or something, but I find so little enjoyment in being a stay at home Mom.

Sigh. Maybe I'm just over-tired right now. Its been a long and exhausting birthday.

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