Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just another quick note to brag about our new toy. J won a gift certificate at LinuxWorld and we put that towards upgrading to a better digital camera. After 4 years, numerous bumps and falls and a whole heck of a lotta pictures, the old dear just wasn't doing her best anymore.

So, we got a super awesome Canon Rebel. The best feature, IMO, is the super fast picture taking. On our old one you had to wait 3-4 seconds for the picture to snap... usually losing whatever cute expression you wanted to capture. This one, its instant. I'm sure there are other nice features, but this one to me, is the coolest :)

The kids have worn us ragged. They are just little adorable monsters as of late. We are hitting the pillow and zonking out dead tired every night. We were just discussing tonight how its so much harder right now than when they were little babies. And people said it would get easier. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it will get easier, Kris - in about 20 years.

Kate Thaete said...

i LOVE the rebel - doesn't it kick tail over all of the other digital cameras?? so fabulous. :) have fun with it!!