Friday, August 08, 2008

First, some pictures of my "garden".

Strawberries... I thought for sure we planted too late and would only get the teeny-tiny ones that came out 2 months ago. To my surprise, a huge bunch grew again and these look like they'll be much bigger too.

My ginormous "Early Girl" tomato plant. I'm going to have to rig up a taller trellis.

And my precious tomatoes that I check on daily (sometimes twice a day). Little tomatoes are popping out every day!

Elsa... Look at that head strength!


These pictures are from my Mom's church camp-out last weekend.

Can you guess what is wrong with this picture? How about having to bundle a baby up in August! That is just wrong.

This little girl loved Elsa so her and Gwen had lots in common :)

Later they put the bikes in the sand and made "exercise" bikes (since the back wheels wouldn't move).

Gwen and her funny face

Her mad face (check out the lip!)

Princess face

For the record, I wasn't ignoring my son. He was with the other kids and watching the relay races. Speaking of races...

My brother Michael and cousin Ben (they're in the red)

Jenni and Ben balancing eggs on a spoon

Later, there were eating competitions. Our family was well represented

Ben going to town!

While I was taking pictures, Mom was holding Elsa, who, from all appearances, was having a great time.


tata said...

Those are the first pics of Elsa I've seen - she is just darling! Look at all that hair! And that smile!!! She's beautiful :)

Becki said...

I can't wait to see Elsa tomorrow (and the rest of you too)! I can't believe how old she looks. The new baby look is gone :-(