Monday, August 11, 2008

My first "retail" project

A lady from my message board asked me to make her two dresses (after seeing Gwen's dress), one for each of her daughters. She picked a beautiful palette of green/pink/white and I was able to find some great fabrics for her locally at good prices. They need to be washed and ironed to look their absolute best, but I just loved how cute they looked and couldn't wait to snap a picture to send to her!


April said...

SO CUTE, Kristi.

It's really a good thing I don't have girls, I would need 12 of those all in different colors.

Becki said...

Those are so cute! Hmm....I wonder if they look that good on adults.

tata said...

Wow! Those are beautiful - great job! Now I just need you to share the secret of when you find time to do anything at all crafty!