Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sorry I've been so lax in posting. I must be in some hormonal swing or something because I'm cranky, constantly irritated and, in general, kinda pissed off at everyone. As you can imagine, I'm just a peach to be around!

Friday night, I joined my friend April and a few of her friends for a Girls Night. We did this in July and enjoyed it, and enjoyed perhaps even more the second time. I hope we can keep up the once a month thing. Its fun to get out and away (though Elly comes with me) and visit. Here's a picture of all the girls. It was the same group as last time. Unfortunately, a number of people haven't been able to make it both times, but maybe in September we'll have the whole group. (Why am I so hunched over? Gotta work on the posture).

Usually I like to have one drink while out, but this place only had wine and beer. Uncertain of what to choose, the server recommended that I try a Lindemans Lambic beer. Well, I hate beer, but he assured me that this was totally different. He had a cherry and peach flavored one and I ended up with the cherry. Incredibly delicious! Closer to a wine than a beer in flavor. Wow. Really good. And not at all intoxicating, at least for me. Which is a plus since I'm a real lightweight!

Saturday, we headed out to my Mom's church campout at Jim Creek Recreation Area. Jason stayed home to do some work, but the kids and I went out and played and chilled out for a few hours. I have some great pictures but I left my camera there and my Mom has it. She's dropping it off today so hopefully I'll get those pics up.

Besides that we've been pretty dull. Today we're going to go to West Seattle to visit family that are up from Astoria and California and have a BBQ. Should be fun.

Oh, and there is SUN. Yay! And I see the first tomato appearing on my tomato plants. Double yay!

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