Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My husband is so cool.

For my birthday, he wrestled the budget and found enough money to buy me a new sewing machine!

Do you see how computerized it is? I'm so excited. I might actually be able to do items with buttons now! I am always amazed how Jason is able to manage our money and work numbers. Its something so beyond me.

The last few days have been rather stressful. I've felt so overwhelmed and worn out by Ethan and Gwennie. They've been up to major hijinks and my house is constantly being messed up, even when I'm right behind them picking up. I just can't do it fast enough. So today I packed everyone up and we went to Fred Meyers, where I put them in the in-store babysitting and strolled around for an hour and picked up a few things and basically just enjoyed some peace and quiet.

We've started a rewards chart for E and G's binky withdrawal. So far we've been able to do two days of binky free naps. Neither child is ready to give it up at night. Naps are hard though. Without the paci they aren't sleeping much and they, well Ethan, is upset with going down. He's motivated because if he can get 5 stickers he'll get a Lego set, but he really misses the binky. I've caught him a few times sucking on his fingers which is not great, but he doesn't seem to find it so great either so I'm not too worried about it being a replacement for his paci.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! Cool sewing machine, I'm jealous! We took Micah's binky away two months ago and found he has been sucking his thumb! So now we are dealing with that. I gave him the binky back, but he spits it out and sucks his thumb. Nice, Real nice. Be watchful ;)

Becki said...

Hey, so...does that mean your old machine is wanting to come live with your younger sister? You wouldn't want it to feel neglected or anything :-)

Anonymous said...

That Jason is a nice guy! I am anxious to see your machine. Happy birthday, honey. I remember the thrill of seeing my FIRST grandchild, plus knowing that I had now passed a threshhold in my life and would always be a grandma.