Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunburn, ouch ouch ouch.

I've been applying vinegar which has helped and slathering on the aloe, but dear heavens it hurts like crazy. Last night I could barely sleep because I'm a side sleeper and both my shoulders are burned! I was up at 5:30 because I just couldn't lay down any more.

I don't want to hold Elsa all that much because she tends to scratch my skin with her fingers when I have her on my hip and you can imagine how much pain that brings me.

In other stupid Mommy news, the antibiotics I got for Ethan last Thursday were supposed to be refrigerated. Guess what I didn't do. So basically a whole week of dosing him for nothing. They're going to have to be replaced. I wonder when I will be sharp and smart again. I don't say that with jest, I really mean it. I've done such stupid things consistently for so long, I fear it may be the new me.

While I have the time, I want to blog a bit about our nighttime routine with the kids. Jason has been wanting me to put this down in writing for some time so we don't forget it later on.

Jason and I tag team the kids, I start with one and he starts with the other. For Ethan, I must snuggle him (hold him on my lap like a baby, hum a song and rock him) for maybe 30 seconds to a minute. As long as his 4 year old little body will tolerate. Then we pray, talk about what we're going to do tomorrow and I remind him not to get up before his alarm goes off. When Jason goes in there, him and E hug, then play thumb war, which Ethan always wins because he cheats. Even if they do a few rounds, Ethan will always cheat and beat Jason at thumb war.

Gwen has a slightly more complicated routine. We get into bed, pray (she used to interrupt me mid-prayer to get a drink of water and then direct me to start again, but I stopped that habit!), then we must hug, kiss, eskimo kiss (rub noses) and then beep. Beep is where she touches our nose and says beep!, though she no longer says beep, she just wants to touch our noses. First it was just a single touch. Then it was a beep with her little finger for Mommy and thumb for Daddy. Now it is a quick beep with all fingers on the nose. Sigh. Jason also taught her the wind up beep which is where she swings her arm around and around and makes tighter circles until she reaches your nose. That one can take forever and you are in fear that she will smack you with her arm because she swings it quite wildly. Daddy also plays thumb war with her, but in an interesting twist, she cheats the first game and wins but in the second round will let Jason win. She then exclaims, "Yay! We both won!".

And that's basically it. Some nights it can take forever to get through the routines, other nights its shortened because the baby is crying or because Mommy and Daddy are too tired.

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