Monday, August 18, 2008

We had quite the funny morning. At 4am our fire alarm started beeping, which means the backup batteries are low. It sends a beep through all the alarms, so basically into every room. It beeps every 30 seconds or so. Irritating, but I could have slept through it. Problem is, our dog apparently felt there was a fire and was terrified. Poor Toby! He stood next to Jason and panted heavily and shook like a leaf. Jason tried to get him in the bed, but Toby was too paralyzed with fear. After a lot of bed patting and encouragement he managed to jump up on the bed and squish himself right up next to me. He was shaking so hard that our California King size bed was vibrating. Really really vibrating. So much so that it was cracking me up and I started giggling hysterically about it. Jason was not so amused.

Jason got up and removed the offending fire alarm and Toby calmed down and I was able to go back to sleep for another 2 hours. The vibrating bouncy seat seems to be a good trick for calming Elsa... maybe I'll just scare Toby and put him on the bed next time I need some relaxation!

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