Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another dress

This one is for sale so if you're interested, drop me an email or leave a comment on the blog! I love these two fabrics together... very fall-ish.

This is a size 4/6.

I'm working on a simple HTML page to list these types of things. As I work pretty slowly there is no way I could have a storefront type of deal, but I do like to sew girly things and Gwen (and soon Elsa!) can only have so many dresses and skirts. Selling off my extras seems like a fun little (and I do mean little) side business :)

A couple people have wondered how I have time to sew at all. Nap time my friends, nap time. But then I have this little tiny child that has no set nap time, what do I do with her?

The baby straitjacket of course!

Now, now, in all fairness... I do NOT straitjacket my baby on a whim :) She loves to sleep swaddled at night, and occasionally we have to break it out in the daytime too. Today she was steamin' mad about something and just couldn't settle down, even though her eyelids could barely stay open. Even nursing wasn't calming her down. So, I wrapped her up snug in Gwen's blankie... instant calm. Then into the swing she went to listen to a bit of white noise and zzzz... she was out.


April said...

Elsa is so darling!

I wish I knew what I was having, it it was a girl, I would snap that dress up in a heartbeat!

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

What is your asking price? Adorable dress, yet wrong size for my little ones...

Becki said...

Nice wrapping job Kristi! That dress is C-U-T-E!